The field artillery organisation, tactics, gunnery methods and regiments of the Royal Artillery and the artilleries of British Commonwealth

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 This site comprises many pages about the field artillery branch of the Royal Artillery.  It provides comprehensive and reliable information

The World War 2 information consists of a main account the Royal Artillery's Methods in World War 2 and many other pages covering many areas of detail.  Alternatively you could start at the list of Main Features of British artillery in this period and follow the links.  The information is authoritative and is mostly taken from official documents and publications and some other reputable sources.  It also applies to the artilleries of Commonwealth countries.  

To fully explore this site, which has around 75 pages, it's best to enter through the Directory page, which will enable you to navigate around the site.  It lists the key pages and summarises their content and provides Search and hints on how to use it.  

Please note that this site uses the artillery terminology of the period, which sometimes differs from modern usage.  Equivalent modern terms are given in the Glossary where appropriate.

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