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 Ordnance B.L. 60 pr Gun Mks 2 & 2* on Carriage 60 pr Mk 4P

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 The 60-pr gun entered service in about 1910 and was further developed in WW1, notably 'production engineering' to simplify manufacturing.  It started being replaced by the 4.5-inch Gun Mk 1, using the 60-pr carriage, in the late 1930's.  They remained in service with some medium batteries until about 1942.  In 1935 Carrier Dial Sight No 14 was introduced to replace Nos 6 & 9 carriers and provide Probert pattern calibrating sights.   During the late 1930's they were upgraded to Mk 4P, being fitted with a new axle tree, hub brakes and pneumatic tyres for 'high speed' towing.  A modern, 'D' pattern, HE shell was also introduced, which was shorter and a few pounds lighter than the older models, and 'D' model shrapnel shells (Mk 3D 760 bullets, 41 per pound) were available.  It was used by one regiment in the BEF and one battery in N Africa, a few were provided to Australia in the 1930's.  Although named '60-pr', actual projectiles, both HE and shrapnel, varied between 56 and 60 pounds weight and 14.64 and 19.16 inches in length.


 5 inches

Barrel length
Bore length

 192.25 inches
 37 calibres


 32 grooves, 1 in  30 uniform twist

Chamber capacity

  619 cubic   inches


 Wire bound A  tube


 Welin screw &  Asbury mech




 Calibrating &  reciprocating

Carriage configuration

 Box trail


  -4.5 to 35

Top traverse

 4 Left & Right

Loading Angle

 Max 25

Basic Weight

 5.4 tons

Length (muzzle to towing eye)

 28.6 feet
Note 1

Trunnion height

 4.2 feet

Width at wheel hubs

 6.7 feet

56 lb HE Shell Mk 1D

Length (less fuze)

 15.95  inches

Calibre radius head


 Body Diameter

 4.99  inches

Driving Band Diameter

 5.125  inches

Weight (incl fuze)

 56 lbs

Explosive Weight

 3.9 lbs


New Gun MV


RT Max Range

Time of Flight @ Max Range

Probable Error @ Max Range

Approx  Propellant Weight



1925 f/s

1875 f/s

13,400 yds

52 secs

60 yds

6.1 lbs

 There was also a 2.2 lbs 'reduced  practice' charge.


2245 f/s

2175 f/s

15,100 yds

56 secs

45 yds

8.8 lbs


Rates of fire






Very slow








Normal Detachment

 10 men

Gun Tractor


Artillery Trailer

No 16, 28

1st Line Ammo (per gun)

 100 HE


 There were no UK variants, the Mk 4P was the last version.  However, South Africa designed and built a new carriage for 60-pr Mk 1.  This carriage was characterised by a pneumatic tyred two wheel bogey.  It was used in the campaign in Abyssinia.

Note 1, length includes 38 inch 'draught connector' extending beyond where a towing eye would normally be.  This connector raised the trail and lowered the centre of gravity of the gun to be best positioned for vehicle towing.

Picture List

60-pr Gun Mk 2 on Carriage Mk 4R - a studio picture without scotches in place, note this is the 'R' version with solid rubber tyres.

Gun Detachment duties in action:

No 1

Detachment Commander

No 2

Operate breech, load lock, fire gun

No 3


No 4

Traverse trail

No 5

Load, ram

No 6

Prepare & load cartridge

No 7

Prepare shell

No 8

Prepare shell

No 9

Prepare shell

No 10


Equipment Publications:
(Post WW1)
Range Tables Part 1:
40/WO/8517            Standard projectile 2 CRH, 8 CRH, 5/10 CRH, 1923.
26/Manuals/1528     8 CRH, Shrapnel & Standard Projectile, 1935.

26/Manuals/1542     Reduced Charge, 8 CRH, Shrapnel & Standard Projectile, 1935.
26/Manuals/2557     56 lb (5/10 CRH) Full and Reduced, Shrapnel & Standard Projectile, 1940.

26/Manuals/2668     8 CRH, Full and Reduced, Shrapnel & Standard Projectile, 1941.

26/Manuals/2867     56 lb (5/10 CRH) Full and Reduced, Standard Projectile & Shrapnel , 1942.

26/Manuals/3058     8 CRH, Full and Reduced, Shrapnel & Standard Projectile, 1942.

Gun Drill:
26/Manuals/1442    BL 60-pr Mks 2 & 2* Gun on Mk 4 & 4R Carriage, 1934.
26/GS Pubn/161    BL 60-pr Mks 1 & 1* Gun on Mk 1 & 3 Field Carriage, 1939.

26/Manuals/249     BL 60-pr A & B Mks 1 - 1* Gun, Mks 1 & 3 Field Carriage, 1928.
26/Manuals/1564   B.L. 60-pr, Mks 2 & 2* Guns on Mks 4, 4P & 4R Field Carriages, 1935.

Identification List:
40/WO/8765        B.L. 60-pr, Mks 2 & 2* Guns on Mk 4 Field Carriage, 1924.



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